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Date added: 02/10/2011 Save your health from electronics environment.

´╗┐´╗┐Negative ions are abundantly found in nature especially around waterfalls, forests and mountain tops and in areas whre the air feels fresh, accounting for the feel –good factor.

Like vitamins, negative ions produced by DESK EOS will allow you to feel more comfortable and to enhance your concentration level while working and studying for a long time on desk.

The environment where is many electronics has much positive ions because of harmful electromagnetic waves. Then we usually can feel hazy air and get tired easily.

Negative ion generator can change this kinds environment.

But most of negative ion generators emit ‘ozone’ when it generate anion.

Ozone is also harmful to lung’s health.

Then, when you consider to buy anion generator, you should have to consider about the Ozone.


This DESK EOS negative ion generator emits no ozone and patented with cluster anion technology.  

Now, you can enjoy various therapeutic effects of negative ions and fresh air on your desk.



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