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Date added: 10/24/2013 The Efficacy of Oriental Medicinal Tea (Korean Omniherb Tea)

The Efficacy of Oriental Medicinal Tea

● The efficacy of Organic Tangerine Peel Tea (Korean Name : Gyulpy Tea)

- Healthy Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Tea

It helps to circulate energy in the body and good for one's diet. Due to the activation of energy, it has been effective in the treatment of circulation disorder of energy, such as an upset stomach and frequent physical exhaustion. This product shows fine effects of relieving fatigue and various diseases caused by stress.


● The efficacy of Warm Korean Angelica root Tea (Korean Name : Danggui Tea)

It helps to reproduce blood and circulate it properly in the body, so it can be good for those who have cold hands and feet, particularly for women. It has been effective in the treatment of anemia, woman's disease, etc. In oriental medicine, this product has been used as an essential material for women after giving birth. Also, it shows fine effects of constipation.


● The efficacy of Chaenomeles Fruit Tea (Korean Name : Mogwa Tea)

It helps to relax knotted muscles and highly effective in the treatment of bronchial disease. Sour taste of malic acid in Chaenomeles fruit helps to activate metabolism in the body as well as boosting to secrete digestive enzyme. As alkaline food, Chaenomeles fruit contains a lot of minerals such as Ca, K, Fe including 5% of sugar. Astringent taste of tannine may retract the skin, however, it has been effective in treatment of diarrhea.


● The efficacy of Refreshing Perilla Frutescens Tea (Korean Name : Jaso Tea)

It helps to remove shellfish poisoning and improves skin trouble. This product activates blood supply in skin and stimulates sweat gland to produce appropriate amount of sweat. Also it shows fine effects of relieving headache, impotence caused by flu, particularly the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Specific ingredient in this product has been quite effective in relieving depression, histeria, insomnia and so on. In case of high fever without sweating, as an initial symptom of flu, you can make it stronger. Then, sweat comes out little by little and body is getting warm.


● The efficacy of Snow Dew Green Tea

As a species of hydrangea growing naturally in alpine region in Korea, You will enjoy a clean and sweetness of dewdrops. This specific plant has contained thousand-fold of sweetness than that of sugar, so its fragrance is widely spreaded around the growing area. We have produced such a natural tea without using any additive. It helps to purify one's blood, brain, so it may be good for examinee and those who overtax themselves. As a caffeine-free tea, it can be taken by pregnant women or baby as well as a folk drug for relieving diabetes.

* Pour hot water and cool it off for awhile, then you will enjoy a sweetness of this tea(appropriate temperature is about 4°C).


● The efficacy of Mulberry Leaves Tea

Tea of Mulberry Leave is well known as a precious medicine. "Highly effective for diabetes" - It makes blood vessels stronger and relieves diabetes. Plenty of rutin and DNJ strengthen capillary vessel and lower the level of blood sugar after a meal. Also, plenty of GABA in this product makes the level of cholesterol and neutral fat lower. Unlike green tea, it was reported by experiment that mulberry leaves can be taken by adult up to 3 kg everyday without any side effect. Silkworm powder has been widely used for the treatment of diabetes, however, the efficacy of silkworm powder is considered to be derived from mulberry leaves taken by silkworm. Mulberry leave shows fine effects of relieving adult disease, without having any side effect, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and obesity.



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